InDyra LP

  1. The collective mind of the party
  2. The escape
  3. The mystery of Vyborg binoculars
  4. Heartache (by Violent Femmes)
  5. Ohi Janumo
  6. A moment of silence
  7. Ebet Tedub
  8. You Don't Own Me (by Madara & White)
  9. The End

Gleb Romanenko - vocals

Andrei Bakhurin - keyboards, voices

Anton Mikhailov - bass

Philip Davidenko - guitars

Dmitriy Tovstopiat - drums

Eugene Vikki - sound, editing, programming, arrangement

Live In Fish Fabrique

At the end of 2002, a limited edition cassette was released with a recording of the concert in the Fish Fabrique club (2002-11-12).

The sound was recorded on a video camera and when we brought this cassette as a demo in order to arrange a show at the MOLOKO club, the owners told us that now even punks are not recorded with such a lame quality.

Live! in Fish Fabrique tape