The SSSR band has been started in the February 2002 by a bunch of individuals who formerly played in the deceased Amontillado band.

SSSR are:

Ulyanov-Lenin (keyboards and back voices)

Stalin (bass)

Khrustchev (voice)

Brejnev (guitars)

Tchernenko (drums)




We melt ragged musical pieces using whatever languages come to our mind (from Mariupol Greek to backward Russian). The final result is supposed to remined some sort of square dance of dead zombie cultures. The only similarty to the former Amontillado band is in deliberate harassment over the audience.


Our first gig to was 15 minute show in the Psycho Pub Club. It was in May 2002 within the framework of the Smorgasbord Festival.

On February 1, 2003, we made a march to Moscow, where we played at the "Propaganda" festival. There was also a screening of the animated films of our leader Lenin aka Scarydoll.

СКИФ-7On the night of April 26-27, 2003, our group performed at the SKIF-7 festival. Many precipitated. Many were shocked.



In 2005 the album "InDyra" was released on CD, on which the collective worked for several years.


Maestro Scarydoll has produced several animated works using the music of the USSR.